Welcome to our Christian Men's Ministry, initially founded in 2001, at Orlando Florida, by myself, Deacon Anderson C. Hill, II. The ministry is now a 501(c)(3) community based organization.  We seek men of all races and nationalities to join our roundtable discussions and motivational sessions with JESUS CHRIST minded speakers and ordained preachers of the Gospel. 

We pray that you will support and attend our sessions and PRAISE the good LORD for HE is worthy to be Praised! Our goal, with your prayers, is to become global.  Follow us through the teachings of JESUS at Matthew 16:24 and become HIS disciple and be leaders of our families, Churches and communities. Pray for our growth and strength in bringing Men to JESUS CHRIST.  

If you have questions about JESUS CHRIST, I encourage you to visit www.whoisJesus-really.com.

Please consider inviting me to speak at your men's events. 

Enjoy the navigation through this website!

God Bless,
Deacon Anderson C. Hill

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